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Postby Walrusi52 » Wed Sep 28, 2016 6:41 pm

Thunt has recently started up the Twitch streaming game 'Maplandia'. Rules are still being worked out but the following is what we have so far. Thunt's currently posted streaming schedule is displayed below. Thunt's Twitch Channel

This Land Page on Goblins Comic Site

To play you must buy a plot of land on the map that is not currently owned. The following is the current map (this map is missing purchased land, all purchased land is listed later):Image

To buy your first plot of land cost 5,000,000 copper pieces (CP). CP is obtained by attending Thunt's Twitch stream, you receive a small amount while idling in the chat. You can check your CP by typing !cp in the channels chat. you receive a little extra if you are active in the chat (talk at least once every few minutes), you can also receive a one time bonus when you follow or subscribe to the feed. The biggest way to obtain CP is through the dungeons. Every so often dumbjarvis (the Twitch channel's bot) will state something and the text will end with something along the lines of "Type !dungeon (amount) to join". At this point if you type !dungeon followed by an amount of CP that you would like to bet (this amount must be less than or equal to your total amount of CP and less than or equal to the max bet). After a minute of letting people join the dungeon, dumbjarvis will display the winners and the amount of CP that they won.

The current dungeon is typically a 48% chance of winning or a 51% chance of winning if you are a subscriber with a 100% payout. So if you bet 100 and win then you will receive 200 CP for a net gain of 100 CP.

After you have bought a piece of land then you can build a town onto the land and also buy more land. Any subsequent land bought must be adjacent to your current owned land. You can only buy one piece of land per stream and you can build on land or upgrade the structures once per land per stream. The following is the current prices for land, building and upgrading:


The land upgrades must be done in order, i.e. if you want a Town you must first build a Village then upgrade it to a town.

In the future, methods for war are to be added. These rules have not been explained either.

Everyone gets their own symbol that they need to send to Thunt. He will not draw a symbol for you, it is on you to get a symbol made. You will need to email you symbol to:

(OUT OF DATE: Map above is up to date) The following is all owned plots of land with the owners and any structures that may be present:

1303Walrusi52CityCopper Tower
1402Walrusi52VillageGold Keep
1503Walrusi52VillageIron Fortress
1713JoePhlanxCityThe Grove
0210Abelpr_gamingVillageOf Thieves
2618ZathyrTownKlikri La

Your land is yours, your town is yours. Tell us about it, what goes on, who rules, ect.


This is all manually updated information, I will try my best to keep it up to date but it is possible I will fall behind. If you see any incorrect information you can post it here, shoot me a PM, or talk to me on Twitch (Walrusi52 there too). Have fun!
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Re: Maplandia

Postby druid24 » Fri Sep 30, 2016 2:55 pm

just for reference: Daveton will remain neutral.
EDIT: probably should actually say a thing or two about Daveton.
Daveton at the time of writing, Daveton is a mining village by the lake (does that lake have a name? I feel like it should have one), occupied by primarily kobolds. I have no idea what kind of stuff's in the ground here but they're mining it. Probably coal. Davetonians sell their raw whatever ores to whomever wants to buy them.

"Fuckit, let's call it Daveton"
-Daveton's founder

Planned Expansions:
Ol' Bertha
with the zombie apocalypse slowly creeping closer, Davetonians have successfully petitioned to build on o' them fancy magical cannons in the place designated for Bad at Towns. Homelessness isn't that big of an issue, and, besides, zobie apocalypses are bad for trade.

Wig'hun Pier
still a little mining/trading village at heart, Daveton needs better infrastructure to deal with the ever-growing demand for coal shipments. The city council decided it would be best to designate the north-east waterfront to be turned into a large port nicknamed "Wig'hun Pier".

to maximise mining efficiency, the city council decided to build an area for the miners to live in. this area will be built just south of Daveton, nice and close to the entrances to the mines.

Realised Expansions:
Wig'hun Pier
still a little mining/trading village at heart, Daveton needs better infrastructure to deal with the ever-growing demand for coal shipments. The newly-built Wig'hun Pier should help deal with this.
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Re: Maplandia

Postby WearsHats » Fri Sep 30, 2016 4:54 pm

The underwater village of Hatlantis is populated by friendly merfolk, who, for some reason, wear hats underwater. The small floating dock high above the village serves as a trading post, but the merfolk have no desire for dry land and no interest in the conflicts of the surface folk.
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Some potentially informative links, should you be interested:

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The Oatmeal's comics on proper grammar, including how to use an apostrophe and some commonly confused/misspelled words

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The Spoon Theory - a look at what it's like to have a chronic illness and have to budget your energy

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Re: Maplandia

Postby mathuaerknedam » Wed Oct 12, 2016 5:45 pm

Potentially useful link: .

If it's still available when I next intersect with a buying stream, I'll get 2503 and build a village. Next stream I'll buy 2603.

It's a Gnomish outpost using peat from the bog to brew and distill tasty beverages for whoever wants to buy them.
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