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Out of Print

Post by crow76308 » Wed May 23, 2018 11:46 pm

There are two oddball games that I love, but have to practically beg my groups to play. The first is the Classic Marvel RPG. It's intuitive, has charts that make it so I can train a monkey to play, the Karma system combines XP with Drama/Action/Fate/whatever points in a way that makes sense, but... my players hate that character advancement takes forever, even though that mirrors comics accurately.

The other one is the White Wolf Street Fighter game. It encourages a nice balance between fighting and story, to tell the truth, especially since you have to partake in tournaments to advance your character up the ranks. My group is split on it, with about half loving it, the other half looking at me as if I'm on crack and not even wanting to give it a try. Do y'all have any games that you love that are out of print?
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