Maze of Many Alternate... palooza?

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Maze of Many Alternate... palooza?

Post by Tobbence » Wed Sep 11, 2019 1:11 pm

So I have an idea...

I want to draw each reality from the Maze of Many. Nut's right? Each pic will have them in the window in the starting rooms. My reasons for doing this are thrice!

1. Selfish. I recently made a sea-change. Giving up my bartender ways after 20 years I have started my own freelance Illustration/Graphic Design business ( ) and am looking to get my stuff out there. This is scary as all get out but I really want to make a go of this and if I can sell a couple of T-Shirts or get some commissions then I can keep doing what I love.
2. To do better. As I said I was a bartender for many years but I have been drawing since infancy. This does not mean I can't improve. And improve I must. Drawing 218 pictures will probably help.
3. Community. I thought this might be fun for us Goblinites to work on together. Thanks to the wonderful Duke BG we know that 36 realities have been allocated (2 without appearances), 86 appearances that have no allocated reality number, leaving 96 realities we have no knowledge of at all. As a community I thought we could get our creative juices flowing and have a field day making up What If! realities.

Still nut's? Yes I agree. It's not canon. It won't make a difference to anything and in the end we will just end up with a sh*t tonne of pictures... but we might have some fun along the way.

So, how to start. I have already done Reality 156 "Our" Reality. I shall post that soon. But what next? Do we start at number 1? Should we do all the allocates first?
What do ya think?

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